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Parents by Rie-Anessia
Raven's mommy and daddy.
Allison Jay Thomas- Afro German American. 55 now.
Sebastian Robin Thomas- French American. 56 now.

They met in high school French class. Sebastian had just moved with his family from Versailes, France to America. He had taken English before leaving so at least the language gap wasn't too bad for him. Now he was 16 and new to American High school and it's odd rules.
Allison, on the other hand, had been living in America since she was twelve. Prior she'd been living with her family in Berlin,Germany. She was well used to American customs by the time she was 15 and met Sebastian.

It was love at first sight for them. (Unlike Alec and Kira, where Kira stalked Alec until he kinda started liking her.) Soon as Allison turned 18 Seb proposed and they have been happily married ever sence, raising two beautiful boys together and growing more in love each day.

Allison originally wanted to be a chef- but the sudden adoption of their nephew Salvador kinda warped they're planned schedule. It was ok, they were still able to work around it. When he was six and starting all day school they both felt like they could go a little further into their careers when, surprise surprise, Allison got pregnant with Raven.

Seb went to school and work to become a French, English, and Italian teacher. With his wife's support he was able to complete his courses, and with his support she completed hers. But with two children now they really had to work a schedule. So while one child was at school and the baby at home- of course- Seb worked at his college and Allison stayed home. When he was off she worked as a cook during afternoon to night shifts. That lasted about two years, by that point Alli was 31 and Seb 32. So she figured she'd just be a stay at home mom and wife. She didn't see it as her giving up on her dreams, just fulfilling them in a more pleasing way.

They were/are great parents. Always talking with eachother and their children. Making sure they at least have one meal together a day. Salvador never felt like anything less than their son because he isn't. They made sure to always be as fair as possible and make sure the kids had everything they needed, without neglecting eachother. And yes, they pampered those boys to death- but made sure they both took home ec in high school so they weren't overly handicapped by them XD.

They must've done a good job because even now that their boys are out of the house they still call, ask for advice, come visit, pay some of their bills -without mommy and daddy's permission or want-. They WANT to take care of their parents. I consider when your child WANTS to take care of you, rather than feels obligated, you did a good job.

More on this family to come soon. :)

Pose ref'd from Senshi Stock.…
Com prices by Rie-Anessia
Com prices
No I will not draw poop but I will draw smell lines. Please PM me if interested.
Danny isn't amused by Rie-Anessia
Danny isn't amused
This is Raven again being punished by his best friend Daniel. Rave isn't the best at dealing with children and when Danny's son Max kept bothering him he told him a story he'd seen at work of a four year old boy who was locked in a Cubby for days as punishment. The boy, who was four himself, ran away crying to his father promising to be good. Of course Raven was gonna be in trouble for that, he should've known.

He was not trying to be a bully at all, he just didn't know how to get rid of the child. Unlike his parents he was not good with children. And he is a little jealous because he wants Danny to be his AB daddy, but he doesn't know he's an AB and he's terrified to tell him, he has been his best friend since 8th grade. But he did thoroughly apologize because he was absolutely not trying to be a bully and was truly sorry- he even told the kid the happy ending to the case. 


United States
well I'm all types of awesome, but I try to be humble. I love to draw and write, even though i'm lazy. I need my music and comedy. I love babies, specifically arm babies. I also love hot guys ie johnny depp, Robert Downy Jr, TOM HIDDLESTON, Andrew Scott and so on. On and off writing and artist blocks and I'm an Rp a holic! EPIC!!

Favourite genre of music: Asian, some rap, rock, pop, unknown
Favourite style of art: anime
Operating System: Windows XP
MP3 player of choice: Sansa
Favourite cartoon character: all mine, Sabretooth, misc other marvel charaters
Personal Quote: "Life's full of trade offs"
$5 for pencil sketches. $2 per extra person or animal, up to three figures.…

$7 for linearts. $2 per extra person or animal, up to three figures.…

$10 for colored art. $4 per extra person or animal, up to three figures.………

Spanking and diaper art has a flat rate of $15 per picture, but the $2 rule still applies per added animal or person, up to three figures. And yes, spank and diaper art will be colored.…………

Payments acceoted through PayPal

No genitalia will be drawn, nor sexual themes, gore,  or religious themes. Please note me any request. Some prices subject to change pending buyer's specific suggestions. :iconthankyouplz:

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Null-Entity Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Thankyou kindly for the watch :D
Rie-Anessia Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2015
I could've sworn I was already watching you but when I saw this error it was mandatory I fix it ;)
Null-Entity Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
PaciPrincess Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2015
what are some of your Fav tv shows. I'm trying to find ones with good cute childish males that give off a AB vibe, or would be adorable as a AB
Rie-Anessia Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2015
Criminal minds has Spencer Reid. Ironman has Tony Stark. Honestly I havent watched TV other than cooking shows in years. But I can give logical reasons behind everyone I draw as ABs .
PaciPrincess Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2015
Hehehe I love both those men as abs LOL! They are my favs
Rie-Anessia Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2015
I can half heartedly say Sherlock from BBC could be one, but I see him as more of a diaper wearer simply because he would be able to stay on a case longer without bathroom breaks. Moriarty whole heartedly because he is so childish at times! My favorite image is him riding a trike around. Logan and Victor from Xmen Wolverine origins half heartedly, medical reasons for diapers and pacis or teethers. Will Graham from Hannibal because everything I hear of him or gif I see he looks so sad so I think it'd be a good form of therapy.

I mean it doesn't always have to be someone who looks or acts childish that I view as an AB- though it definitely helps- a lot of times I have different reasonings behind the guys I draw as ABs and could see as ABs.
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Horrormovie1 Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
do you rp the slender family?
Rie-Anessia Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2014
Indeed I do
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May we rp?
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